My love of photography began while shooting photos for the high school yearbook using a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder with a Compur Synchro shutter. A camera I still own and use.

Yea, thats me for sure, with the lens cap on! : (

Since then, my work and experience have encompassed not only photography, but also video production, graphics and design for marketing, advertising, stock photography and other commercial services — including several years circling the globe as a travel photographer for Trans Ocean Photos.

Self portrait while working for Princess Cruises, taken with my Olympus OM2.

In the process, I had the opportunity to also assist other established photographers on a wide variety assignments, and become highly proficient in the darkroom of a major photo lab in New York, developing and printing all formats for many of the city’s top photographers. To this day I’m an avid camera collector, and as comfortable in the traditional analog darkroom as I am in the digital darkroom.

Fisheye self portrait photo in Victoria Gardens Canada.

Born and raised in Westchester County, NY, I’ve studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, The New School and The International Center of Photography in New York City.

Please note that my photographs are © Jaime Martorano, and cannot be used without my permission. My fees are real-world and reasonable and if you are part of a non-profit or would like to use them on your blog, I will be happy to provide them to you FREE!

Jaime MartoranoFor more information about me, my work and image licensing, please contact me.

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Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in my work. 914-645-4645.


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